Leveraging Weekly Briefings

Active members of a Frame account receive a weekly email designed to highlight aspects of the previous week's conversations that merit your attention. The briefing is broken into a few discrete sections described below.


Any high-level metrics that changed more than 20% week over week will be highlighted first. The current metrics include:

  • New conversations
  • Total conversations (i.e., new + ongoing conversations)
  • Participating customers
  • Participating agents
  • median first response time (FRT)

If there are no outliers to report, the biggest week-over-week change will be highlighted instead.

Sentiment Moments

Frame’s “Moments” highlight specific comments that are especially revealing about a customer relationship, including:

  • Wins: moments that customers go beyond simple pleasantries to express gratitude or delight.
  • Risks: expressions of anger and frustration that may flag a breakdown of trust with a customer.
  • Issues: highly substantive queries that indicate an opportunity to impress or disappoint a customer.

Any customer moment can be clicked on to view the exact conversation where it occurred. You can also click the link to view all risks for the week, and explore further using the sentiment dashboard.

Under the hood, each of Frame's moments is based on proprietary AI that evaluates each comment for overall positivity/negativity, information content, and the strength of specific emotions (e.g., excitement vs. gratitude). Our goal is to make moments as specific, consistent, and actionable as possible — so don’t hesitate to share your feedback with the Frame team.

Overall Numbers

Week-over-week numbers will be displayed here for all high-level metrics.