Leveraging Weekly Briefings

All active account members receive a weekly email designed to highlight aspects of the previous week's conversations that merit your attention. The briefing is broken into a few discrete sections described below.


Any high-level metrics that changed more than 20% week over week will be highlighted first. The current metrics include:

  • New conversations
  • Total conversations (i.e., new + ongoing conversations)
  • Participating customers
  • Participating agents
  • median first response time (FRT)

If there are no outliers to report, the biggest week-over-week change will be highlighted instead.

AI Impact

With AI Impact, Frame estimates its workload and potential value to your team. It highlights select opportunities for turning on Slack alerts, custom Score contributions, workflow triggers, etc. All tags and scores are configurable, and customers can request custom tags that identify conversation signals specific to their products and company.

It consists of:

Support Operations:

  • predicted customer escalations
    Requests to escalate or talk to a manager, requests for a phone call, urgent/ASAP warnings, and publicity threats.

  • self-service gaps
    Specific product questions or documentation gaps you may be able to solve with investments in your knowledge base, deflection flows, or onboarding/training.

  • QA/coachable moments
    Customers expressing pointed, critical feedback about the quality of customer support.

  • kudos worth sharing
    Customers expressing appreciation for the quality of customer suppport.

  • hours of estimated agent time tracking
    An estimate driven by observed messages and signals inside them. Importantly, this is not driven by the conversation's wall-clock time or any time-tracking applications you may be using.

Experience & Advocacy:

  • product feedback notes
    Feature requests, bug reports, moments of confusion, etc.

  • CSAT survey replacements
    All records containing CSAT-like tagged verbatims. With Frame, you get continual coverage across all conversations, not just a fraction of responses from your biggest fans after the conversation has concluded.

  • CES survey replacements
    An estimate driven by observed messages and signals inside them. Importantly, this is not driven by the conversation's wall-clock time. With Frame, you get a 100% "response rate" without having to survey your customers.


Frame's scores extend what you see in the UI to email form for easy monitoring and sharing. Clicking a score takes you to a similar interactive view where you can explore the full range of breakdowns and driving factors for each score.

Our goal is to make scores, factors, and verbatims as specific, consistent, and actionable as possible — so don’t hesitate to share your feedback with the Frame team.

Overall Numbers

Week-over-week numbers will be displayed here for all high-level metrics.