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Understanding Data Availability

What systems can connect to Frame?

The availability of sources to connect is determined by your subscription level:

Team Tier Sources: Intercom, Zendesk, Slack, Drift, Freshdesk, and Help Scout
Business Tier Sources: Salesforce Service Cloud
Enterprise Tier Sources: Custom Data Sources

When does my data become available?

Once you've connected a data source, Frame will receive all new message data more or less immediately. There should be minimal delay between when a user sends a message and when it appears in Frame.

Note that Frame will continue to receive new data from a source until the connector is manually disabled.

How much historical data can I see?

After connecting a standard data source, Frame will automatically begin importing historical data into the UI. The amount of data Frame imports may vary depending on your account status. For example, team plans may backfill one year of data, while business plans may have custom backfill amounts paired with data retention policies.

How long it takes to complete the data import depends on the volume of data and source API. Some products are more supportive of bulk actions than others.

Updated 9 months ago

Understanding Data Availability

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