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What is Frame?

For teams that are using Slack with customers (and customer teams), day-to-day users run into common procedural challenges:

  • Lack of an ordered, persistent inbox

  • Alerts fatigue (too many)

  • Alerts missed (too few or suppressed during do-not-disturb hours)

  • Forgetting to return to ongoing conversations

  • Repetitive work to turn the result of a conversation into follow-up tasks

  • Uncertainty over who is responsible for a conversation

In addition, managers tend to be concerned about business terms including:

  • Misaligned expectations around availability and responsiveness

  • Long-running relationships built in 1-on-1 DMs, where others cannot assist

  • Uncertainty about committing to "all access" without paying for it

  • Lack of understanding in terms of where all the time goes

  • Data about Slack-based conversations (time, volume, impact, etc.) missing from reporting tools used elsewhere internally

Frame makes the essential Slack add-on for addressing these challenges. In particular, it serves teams that maintain ongoing relationships with important customers: technical customer support, customer success, account management, implementations/integrations, and partner management.

It's easy to install and use. Your team can add it to Slack here.

Frame improves the Slack experience in three ways:

  • Attention management

    • The feed helps managers see at a glance what's happening across all channels

    • Frame monitors designated channels for activity so your team doesn't have to

    • Alerts for new and idle conversations aimed at conversation owners, an on-call team, account (channel) owner, and more ensure nothing falls through the cracks

    • Autoresponders and away messages help your team set customer expectations at off hours

    • Configurable across the team or per channel

  • Data synchronization

    • Enrichment. For each conversation participant, display a profile summary from Clearbit or your CRM

    • Actions. Trigger workflows that include a conversation summary and transcript. For example, quickly create follow-up tasks in a task manager without leaving Slack

    • Auto-Close. Set up an automatic export to your CRM/ticketing system, or a custom workflow, every time a conversation closes

  • Awareness

    • A weekly analytics report includes key metrics plus "active time" calculations for your team and customers

    • Dashboards suite includes views for situational awareness and strategic analysis

    • Analyze active for each member of your team, in each channel, and across other factors like day of week, time of day, and working vs. after hours

What is Frame?