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The Basics

Frame helps you understand and act on your customer conversations. After connecting Frame to your data sources, some data are backfilled for immediate use, and new data arrives automatically. Data sources include common customer-facing communication products like Zendesk, Intercom, and Salesforce Service Cloud.

By processing the substance of your chats and emails with customers, it helps you:

  • Clean up your conversation data
  • Organize it with tag management and bulk edits
  • Enrich it with auto-tagging
  • Understand it with rapid search and reporting
  • Act on it with exports

Working in a Domain

Frame users join a domain, and each domain connected to one or more data sources. Once a domain has been created, any admin can invite other users to join.

Within a domain, all activities are linked by participant, so any messages sent by someone with the same email address will be joined automatically. Tags of the name same are also joined automatically.

  • Within an organization, teams that need to manage data in isolation may want to create separate domains and connect them to data sources.
  • Consultants or agencies working on behalf of clients should create a new domain for every client.

Connecting Data

Frame includes standard connectors to data sources. To connect Frame to a source, visit the connectors page (/domains/YOURDOMAIN/connectors), click the source you want to connect, and follow the authorization workflow.

Inviting Users

You are encouraged to invite others to join your domain. Visit the team page (/domains/YOURDOMAIN/team), invite others by email, and set their role. Admin users can manage connections and invite others.


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