Mastering the Search Bar

The search bar controls all the data currently visible in Frame, including transcripts and dashboards. Using a combination of keywords and filter parameters, you can slice and dice your data for rapid exploration and report generation however needed.

By default, the search bar will show you the most recent week's data.

In, Out, or Optional

For any keyword or filter, you can require it to be part of an exchange, exclude it from being part of an exchange, or leave it as optional. Note that if you exclude something, any exchange where it shows up at all will be removed from your results -- meaning you can't, for example, filter out only messages sent by a particular team member without excluding the rest of the conversation they participated in.

To make something required, precede it with a "+". To exclude something, precede it with a "-". For example:


Required, excluded, optional

would find all exchanges tagged "help" that do not include the phrase "help me", and results will be ranked higher if one of the participants is from the email domain "".

The only exception to this is start.after: that adds a required constraint on the search.

Note that completely irrelevant exchanges will never be returned, meaning every exchange in your results will match at least one of your parameters, even if they are all optional.


And or Or?

If completely irrelevant exchanges are always excluded, you may be wondering when to use "prefer" vs. "require" -- the answer is essentially that "prefer" operates as an "or" statement while "require" operates as an "and" statement, and currently in Frame they can't be mixed in a single search. So, if you wanted to return all results where someone said "help me" OR "assist me", you should make both "prefer." On the other hand, if you want to find all instances where somebody was from Frame AND they said "help me", you can make both required.

Search and Filters

All filter values will autocomplete as you type.

You can type the parameters directly or click the shortcuts that reveal themselves when you are typing in the search bar.

Search Actions

To the right of the search bar, you may have noticed three icons. From left to right, these execute the search, copy the current URL, or allow you to set an auto-refresh. We run you through these in more detail as it relates to Saving and Sharing Views.