Tag Drilldowns

You can open up a tag drilldown by clicking the name of a tag anytime you see it pop up, such as in the detailed view of an exchange. This view allows you to better understand how this tag is being used at a glance, via a few factors:

  • Summary: At the top, you'll see a summary of how often this tag has been used for all time, as well as its most recent use. This can help you identify whether a tag may be outdated. Clicking on the number or date will zoom you out to a search with just that relevant filter applied.

  • Tag Editing Functions: The three icons under "Group" allow you to either edit a tag's name, change the group it's a part of, or copy the current URL. Note that this is an alternative way to edit tags vs. Tag Management.

  • "Add Filter" and "All Exchanges":Clicking "Add Filter" will simply filter your current search by this tag, but will keep any other restrictions you've set intact (I.e. before/after, message, etc.). In contrast, clicking "All Exchanges" will show you a search with all filters removed except the tag, effectively showing you all historical exchanges where this tag has been applied.

  • Frequently Co-occurring Tags: This view is great for understanding what other topics/problems people tend to have based on the current tag.

  • Recent Uses: This shows you the most recent applications of a tag; clicking on one will allow you to drill down into the specific exchange where this was applied.