Score Factors

The Score Factors visualization helps you understand how your score is being calculated and what factors are driving it. Each score is made up of a set of Factors and Weights. Each default score has a set of factors and weights set by default, but can also be customized by working with the Frame success team.

  • On the left you will see what factors are considered in the selected score, with each bar representing a factor's contribution to the score. In this example, there are >10 factors making up the organic promoter score ranging from "Win - Product Praise" to "Risk - Repeat Issue".
  • On the right side, you will see verbatims associated with each of the factors. You can drill down to one factor's verbatims by clicking the corresponding bar on the graph, or by using the "Filter by Signal" dropdown in the top right.

Clicking on any verbatim will open the record for you to explore further.