Configuring Reports

You can create, edit or copy reports by navigating to "Reports" on the sidebar. You can create a new report by clicking on "Generate Report". On each report tile you'll see options for editing or copying the report


Clicking into the reports configuration will show you a form as shown below. The sections below describe what each of the fields means



In the general section, you can define

Field NameDescriptionCharacter Limit
Report NamePick a name for your report35 characters
Report IDA report id is auto-suggested as you type in a report name. The id should be unique and can only be edited for a new report. Once a report is saved, the id cannot be edited35 characters
DescriptionAdd a description for your report300 characters

Breakdown Selection

For each report, you can pick one breakdown. It determines whether your report is broken down by records, agents, accounts or tags. In this section you can select:

  • Breakdown type from a dropdown list
  • Breakdown columns:
    • Auto-selected columns:
      • Record: a column that displays the record information for each row. Auto-selected when a record-based breakdown is selected
      • Agent: a column that displays agent information for each row. Auto-selected when an agent-based breakdown is selected
      • Guest: : a column that displays guest information for each row. Auto-selected when a guest-based breakdown is selected
      • Org: : a column that displays account information for each row. Auto-selected when an account-based breakdown is selected
      • Tag: : a column that displays the tag information for each row. Auto-selected when a tag-based breakdown is selected
    • Optional columns:
      • Message count: Count of messages in a record. Only applicable to Record Breakdowns
      • Record count: Count of records for a particular contact, account or tag

Score Selection

In the Scores section, you can add new scores and select columns you want to view in the report for each score.

Column NameDescription
CountThe total number of records reflected in a row
MeanThe average score across all records in a row
MedianThe median score value across all records in a row
95th Percentile95th percentile value of the score across all records in a row
TotalThe sum of values across all records in a row
Scored RecordsThe number of records with at least one factor impacting the score for that record. Eg. you may want to use this column for a product friction score where in a particular row you may have a 100 total records but only 5 records with product friction signals.
Scored Records (%)The % of records that are scored (records with at least one factor)
Scored MeanThe average value across all the scored records.
VerbatimSnippets from customer conversations impacting the score
FlagsA flag is activated if the percentage of entries that fall within a particular range is higher (or lower) than a given limit