The Browse page shows a list of every conversation in your search results, with results sorted by start date.


There are a few common actions from viewing the list of records.

Sort the table

  • Click "Start" to change the order from first started to last updated.
  • Click "Message" to sort by records with the most messages or records with the greatest relevance to your search.
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Sorting by "most relevance" is useful when searching with optional parameters, so a stronger match will be given a higher score. This is what most people see as the default sort when using something like Google or Amazon, which automatically returns the "most relevant" results.

Bulk edit records

  • Select one or more conversations, or all records, using the checkboxes on the left
  • Click the orange "kebab" (three dots) icon at the top-right
  • Choose the action you want to take. Bulk edit allows you to add new tags or remove tags from records such as editing tags, and bulk export lets you get at all the raw details of the selected records.

Open record details


Click anywhere on a row that isn't a "pill" to open a view showing everything about the record, including a full transcript

Open contact or tag details

  • Click the customer pill to view details about that customer, like how many conversations they've had and any recent sentiments they have shared.
  • Click a tag pill to view details about that tag, like how often it's been used recently and what other tags often show up on the same conversations.