Saving and Sharing Views

Every time you change the view in the hub, the URL in your browser changes to uniquely reflect what's currently on your screen. This effectively allows you to share your exact view dynamically with somebody else -- what we refer to at Frame as a "quicklink."

Within different views there's also shortcuts to make sure you get exactly the right address. For example, from a main dashboard view you can copy the URL and set an auto-refresh to the right of the search bar:


The dotted line copies the URL, while the clock icon allows you to set an auto-refresh.


You can refresh just once, or set a recurring schedule. This is useful to use in combination with a quicklink you share with your team, as you can leave your screen open and it will update regularly to ensure you're always seeing the right information.

In various other views, you can always look for the same "share" icon to copy the URL of your current view. For example:


In any expanded widget, the button can be found in the actions at the top right of the view.


In an exchange, you'll find the share button just above the emoji actions.


What if I can't find the share button?

You don't strictly need to use the share button -- you can also share any other drill down views via the URL you see in your browser. Just copy the whole thing and throw it in a hyperlink wherever you're trying to share it with your team or save it for your own personal use!