Scores Dashboard

Scores Dashboard Configuration


Once a score is configured in Configuration --> Scores, you can choose whether to display it in your scores dashboard. To do so

  • Go to Configuration --> Scores Dashboard
  • Select "Add scores to Dashboard"
  • Select the score from the dropdown
  • Select the value you want to view on the scores dashboard. This lets you choose the score aggregate you care about

Score value options include:

  • count: the total number of records reflected in a row
  • scored: the number of records with at least one signal factor
  • scored record (%): the % of records that are scored (records with at least one signal)
  • scored mean: the average value across all the scored records
  • mean: the average score across all records in a row
  • total: the sum of values across all records in a row
  • median: the median score value across all records in a row
  • 95th percentile: 95th percentile value of the score across all records in a row

for scores that have cost information configured, you can also select from these additional values

  • mean_fte: avg. number of Fulltime Employees (FTE)
  • total_fte: total number of Fulltime Employees (FTE)
  • mean_currency: Avg. ticket costs
  • total_currency: Total ticket costs