Score Cards

The scores dashboard comes pre-loaded with 5 scores by default:

  • Records: Total number of customer exchanges for the given search period
  • Messages: Total number of customer and agent messages for the given search period
  • Organic Promoter Score: A Frame calculated score that ranges between -100 to 100 and is based on all promoter and detractor moments detected by Frame
  • Customer Effort: Estimated avg. effort spent by customers in their interactions
  • Team Effort: Estimated avg. effort spent by agents on their interactions with customers

In the bottom right of every score card you can see how the scores compare to the previous similar time period. For example, if your search is for the last 1 week, you will see how the current week's score compares to the week prior.

All the visuals in the scores dashboard are aligned to the selected score. Click on a score to select it, update the dashboard, and drill down into it further.


Want to see more score cards?

Custom scores that reflect your unique business can be configured and added to your domain. Reach out to Frame's success team directly or through the chat bubble in the bottom of this screen.