What is Frame for Slack?

Frame for Slack is an embedded support system for Slack, especially in shared channels with customers. When you invite @frame to a channel, Frame helps you manage your attention, sync conversations to your internal tools, and track important metrics on conversations.

In short, Frame supercharges your Slack-based management and support so you can focus on what you do best: talking with customers.

The best part is that you can install Frame with one click.

"framing" conversations

A core aspect of Frame's assistance is breaking conversations into discrete sessions, or frames. When a new conversation starts by having a customer or agent participate, it opens a new frame. When the conversation -- i.e., the session -- is concluded, the agent closes the frame. A channel can have only one frame open at a time.

By breaking conversations into individual frames, @frame can assist in important ways:

  • New conversations can trigger escalation alerts to make sure the right person responds regardless of whether someone is @-mentioned. These alerts might go to an on-call team, account manager, backup team, etc.
  • Each frame can have an owner -- the person responsible for seeing the conversation through to its conclusion. Other people can take over ownership of or re-assign a frame at any time.
  • Inactive (but open) frames will alert the owner, reminding that person to close the frame or "snooze" the alert for a while longer.
  • Each frame can post a conversation summary and transcript to internal task managers, CRMs, analytics, etc.