What are frames?

Customer conversations are organized into frames within each channel. Think of a frame as a session.

Frames are designed to manage your attention on the channel and to capture the beginning to end of a discrete block of time. They are not designed to interpret multiple topics during a single conversation or to maintain long-lived cases. For the latter, we recommend integrating Frame with a task management system.

When a new conversation starts in a Slack channel where @frame is present, you’ll see a notification.


A new conversation

If you want to take ownership of the conversation, just respond to it.


Take ownership

When you’re finished, you can close the frame to make it disappear. Use the /frame close command or /frame then choose Close frame. Don’t worry, we’ll alert you if the customer reopens the conversation. And if you forget to close it, we’ll send you an idle alert. To receive alerts, be sure to switch from Frame’s default Silent Mode to Active Mode.


Close the frame