One of Frame's main jobs is to keep your freeform Slack conversations synchronized with the other tools in your workflow. Integrations come in three main flavors:

  • Profile Enhancements trigger when new members enter a conversation, pulling info from your CRM or another source to help you Know Your Customer.

  • Action Buttons are triggered using the /frame menu during a conversation. You can push the transcript and conversation summary to create tickets or perform tasks in project management tools, and link the result back to the conversation.

  • Sync-on-Close integrations trigger when you close a frame, pushing conversation and summary back to your CRM or elsewhere as a permanent record.

Frame ships with built-in integrations, including Asana task creation and Zendesk sync on close. You can also design your own with the webhook builder.

To configure integrations, enter the /frame command in a DM with @frame and select Integrations. Select your desired integration from the dropdown and follow the instructions.